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Clarity is centrally located on the south side of St. Thomas.  This location gives the advantage of sailing the Virgin Islands, the Spanish Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands.

Hawksnest Bay- St. John
Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, St. John, & St. Croix

St. Thomas- The relaxation will begin on the west side of the island, in the historic community of Frenchtown. Frenchtown is on the west side of the main harbor of Charlotte Amalie.  Clarity is part of CYOA's fleet and is 10 minutes from St. Thomas' International Airport.  St. Thomas is a great central location for access to the US, British and Spanish Virgin Islands.

St. John- Most of St. John is a National Park. Public Moorings can be located in: Caneel Bay, Hawksnest, Maho Bay, Francis Bay, Leinster Bay, Salt Pond, Great Lameshur, Little Lameshur, and Cinnamon Bay.

Cruz Bay- first harbor from St. Thomas. Ferry arrival point from Red Hook.  Great restaurants and nightlife.  Provisions just a short walk from shore: Dolphin Market or Starfish Market. Wild Peacocks are in the trees near Gallows Point at sunset.

Hawksnest Bay- Convenient mooring balls with a great snorkeling reef close to shore.

Maho Bay- Is a well protected bay, it is great for children, and the water is shallow.  The new Maho Crossroads- with food trucks, bar, gift shop, and live music.  Arrive early, the grass beds attract Sea Turtles and Stingrays. A once in a lifetime experience.

Honeymoon Bay/ Salomon Bay- accessible by boat, or by hike. Very secluded beach, has a small hut with lunch and cocktails.  Can rent SUP's, Kayaks, and beach chairs.

Trunk Bay- is 1 of the most famous beaches. Take the Dinghy in, and tie to the mooring balls.  There is a snorkeling trail around the reef, with identification markers on the bottom of the ocean.  The beach has food trucks, drinks, and a gift shop. There is also restrooms and showers.

Cinnamon Bay- 1 mile long beach with a cinnamon forest of bay rum trees. 

Lovango Cay- Make a reservation at Lovango Resort for a Mooring Ball

and enjoy the Resort for the day. They have a beautiful pool looking over St. John. The Resort has restaurant, if you don't feel like cooking on the boat. Take a tour of the Island, and see their future plans.

St. Croix- St. Croix is best traveled by car.  Check rental car options, before your trip. Anchor or Moor in Christiansted. Good sandy bottom to anchor on left side of entry channel. There is mooring balls on the right side channel, but not sure if balls are monitored, and many derelict boats in the harbor. 

Christiansted- Still retains its Danish Architecture, and The Christiansvaern Fort is right off the Harbor. You can take the dinghy into town and tie up to the Boardwalk. There is many restaurants at the Boardwalk, and many others within walking distance. 

Frederiksted- Best to take a taxi or car to the Western side of the Island. This is where the Cruise Ships dock.  

Buck Island- Anchor @ West Beach. Can take a narrow marked channel inside the reef on the eastern side of the Island. Has day time mooring balls, and Snorkel trail throughout. Has some of the best snorkeling in the Virgin Islands, with large Brain Coral and hundreds of Blue Tang.

British Virgin Islands

Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Marina Cay, Scrub Island, Virgin Gorda, Cooper Island, Salt Island, Peter Island, Norman Island and Anegada

Jost Van Dyke- World Famous White Bay home to The Soggy Dollar Bar and Foxy's Bar. You can Clear customs in Great Harbour, plenty of moorings in Great Harbor, and take the dinghy over to White Bay


Little Jost Van Dyke- take a hike to the Bubbly Pools, where the north swells brings in waves to a protected natural grotto. There is 2 restaurants Foxy's Taboo and B-Line Beach Bar. B-Line serves BBQ Ribs and Chicken, $20 a plate, but close at 6 pm. 

Sandy Spit- A natural "spit" of sand just off of Green Cay. Can anchor Clarity just off shore and swim in, or if not to rough, can Dinghy to shore. 

Tortola- is the largest island of the BVI's.  Clear customs on the west side of the Island, in Soper's Hole.  


Scrub Island- has a full service marina, spa, & 3 restaurants.  Make reservations for dockage in advanced. Depending on the time of year, can be a little costly, but worth it for a night. The resort has a waterslide and pool, on water trampoline, and fantastic spa.


Virgin Gorda- home of "The Baths," southwest side. The Baths are a granite national wonder, with towering boulders and interlocking wading pools.

There are some great beaches on the west side of Virgin Gorda: Spring Bay (near the Baths), Big Trunk Bay, Little Dix Bay, and Savannah Bay.  

Also 2 great spots to jump off from, when headed to Anegada: The North Sound & Oil Nut Bay.  The North Sound makes up Leverick Bay, Saba Rock, and the Bitter End Yacht Club.

Oil Nut Bay Marina & Village- affordable dock rates, and moorings, as well.  The Marina Village has 1 restaurant named Nova, they have nice portioned tapas, at a good price.  The Village contains an infinity pool, picturesque seating area, and hammocks over the water.

Leverick Bay Resort and Marina- has plenty of public moorings.  They have 1 restaurant, 2 gift shops, and a small store to re-provision (that has good prices and not a bad selection).

Saba Rock Resort- Located in the North Sound. Newly rebuilt from the Hurricanes Irma & Maria. A small 1 Acre Resort with Restaurant & Bars. Dive Shop with lessons for Kite Surfing and E-Foils.

Bitter End Yacht Club- Also newly rebuilt. Includes a marina, with fuel dock, and over 70 mooring balls. Also a Restaurant, The Buoy Room, a bar that was their old sunken sailboat, The Reef Sampler, A market and Gift Shop. This resort is beautiful, and are some of the most helpful people, as far as giving advice on excursions on Island. They also have a free Ferry that constantly runs between Gun Creek and the resort. 


Cooper Island- Manchioneel Bay, home of Cooper Island Beach Club, features 30 mooring balls that accommodate vessels up to 60 feet. A very popular stop, make sure to reserve a mooring exactly @ 7am each day.  They will be gone @ 7:01, no kidding. The Beach Club consist of a Rum Bar, Coffee and Ice Cream shop, Gift shop, and a nice Restaurant and Microbrewery.


Salt Island- is named after their natural salt ponds.  There is great scuba diving off Salt Island at the ship wreck of The Rhone.


Peter Island- home to Peter Island Resort.  Deadman's Bay is a popular anchorage. 


Norman Island- has a large anchorage called The Bight.  The Bight has 1 restaurant - the Pirates Bight Restaurant, and the famous "Willy T." There are 2 great snorkeling spots nearby- The Caves and The Indians.


Anegada- Anegada is made up of coral and limestone, and is considered the 4th largest coral reef site in the Caribbean. Anegada Reef Hotel has a unique lobster dinner, that is so fresh and literally straight from the ocean.  Three essential beaches- Loblolly, Cow Wreck, and Anegada Beach Club.  Loblolly- has Big Bamboo Beach Bar and Grill.  Cow Wreck- has the famous Cow Wreck Bar. My favorite- Anegada Beach Club has a pool, restaurant, bar, and home to the Tommy Gaunt Kite Surfing School.  You can rent a 4 seater "Moke" in Setting Point, just a dinghy ride from the mooring field, or a SUV is just a short walk. 

Spanish Virgin Islands

Islands of Culebra, and Vieques

Culebra- is also part of the outer islands of Puerto Rico, it is approx. 12 miles West of St. Thomas. Anchor or grab a mooring ball inside Ensenada Honda Harbor. Can take taxi's or rent a Golf Cart to check out the Island.  1 of the most unique Christmas Celebrations on Christmas Night. 

The popular beach of Flamenco Beach was considered the 3rd greatest beach in the world in 2013, by Trip Advisor. 


Vieques- is known for Mosquito Bay, where Bioluminescent organisms give the water a blue and green glow at night, it is reported that the dinoflagellates have come back stronger since Hurricane Maria. The experience is best in a "new moon" phase. 

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